What are the best padel tennis shoes

One of the most popular racket sports in many countries is Padel. For a good reason: this explosive tennis/squash combination offers fast rallies, the quickest reaction times and a lot of fun for everyone involved.

In 1969, when Enrique Corcuera learned that his house in the Mexican seaside resort of Acapulco did not have enough room for a tennis court, did this newest of sports come into being? He came up with the idea of designing a game that you could play in a more constrained area by constructing a walled-in court. Padel was thus born.

Is it time to get a new pair of padel shoes? Is this sport new to you and you’re not sure what kind of shoes to wear? This is the spot to go if you want to enjoy your padel games and training sessions more by switching to a new pair of padel shoes. You’re in the right place if you’re going to start playing Padel but aren’t sure which padel shoes are best. Find the top padel trainers and have a great time playing this sport.

Knowing your gear helps you find the right shoe and shop better for new padel tennis gear. You need to have quality shoes and rackets to be a great player. Great shoes allow you to play with a firm grip and a balanced landing—finally, a winning combination of talents and Padel equipment. Keep reading to learn all about Padel shoes.

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Why Do You Need Padel Shoes?

It’s important for people who have played padel tennis to know how important it is to have the best padel shoe. On the other hand, beginners often think it’s a good idea to have it. Why do professional padel players not wear jogging shoes when they play on the court? There are a lot of different reasons. Padel shoes, like all sports shoes, come with safety features. With the right shoes, your chances of getting hurt a lot less often. For example, the GEL protective feature makes it easier for players to play on their feet. It also gives your feet the perfect grip while you’re on the court so that you can move freely.

 The Differences Between Padel And Tennis Shoes

Both footwears bear a strong resemblance to one another, and they’ve been swapped out numerous times. There are differences between Padel and tennis shoes. As a result of the same rules and punches used in both sports, the shoes are rarely considered. But there are some minor distinctions, so let’s get right into it.

Sole-wise, these two shoes are vastly different from one other. Depending on the paddle it is facing, each shoe requires a particular type of sole. The spike type is frequently suggested and is the most appropriate for padel shoes. This is because this style of sole provides a tight grip and numerous pivot points. Flexible and precise movements are made possible by padel shoes with several pivot points.

Secondly, because Padel involves a lot of mobility, the shoes need to be more cushioned. Tennis shoes’ high amount of cushioning is typically cited as the best choice for Padel. However, it isn’t accurate because each brand uses a different substance. When playing Padel, it’s best to use shoes designed explicitly for the sport.

These shoes feature a unique design that is ideal for Padel. Because Padel footwear is not readily available, you can wear tennis or volleyball shoes in its place. This is not a direct replacement for Padel Shoes, but it is a good alternative. The best option is to get Padel Shoes specifically designed for this sport.

Features of A Best Padel Shoe

Whether you’re a professional player or a new padel player, it’s always nice to learn new things and tips from other people. What makes the best padel shoe? Quality shoes mean it all.


Depending on a player’s skill level, weight, and amount of training, padel shoes need to sustain varying amounts of wear and tear throughout the game.


To play Padel, one must wear comfortable shoes and tailored to the player’s demands. The heels, in particular, require additional cushioning in the shoes. In addition, they must keep the player’s feet in place.


If you observe a padel game, you’ll see that the players are constantly changing positions and rotating when playing off barriers. The game requires constant stopping, starting, jumping, and landing, causing leg bending. When you play Padel for two or three hours each day, you realize you need specific padel footwear that meets your particular needs based on your fitness level, technique, and court type.

What kind of grip do padel shoes need?

Too much grip in your padel shoe limits mobility and puts extra strain on your knees and other leg joints. If it has too little grip, you lose your ability to react quickly during gameplay and risk slipping on the court. Make sure your shoes have an excellent grip to avoid any injury, and so you have all the control in your movement.

The surface on which you play is also a grip factor. Shoes made for the sport, like ASICS padel shoes, will specify the type of court they are most suited for.

How will stability and cushioning affect your game?

Certain types of padel shoes are lower and lighter, with less ankle support: this can aid improve agility and speed.

More prominent players must balance agility and the sturdy stability required by the Padel’s vertical motions and rotations. Shoes with insufficient strength may result in harm.