Why do I need the best padel tennis shoes?

Padel is a fast-paced sport featuring abrupt curves and leaps. Having shoes suited for this improves your results on the court and lowers your risk of injury.

When travelling in one direction, a running shoe is designed to give comfort and stability. An indoor shoe has a flat sole for best traction on a floor. Different sports necessitate different types of footwear. If you get a good pair of padel tennis trainers, you may also use them as pickleball shoes if you play that also.

When first learning padel, you can get away with a pair of normal training shoes. If you intend to play on a regular basis, you should really should invest in padel shoes to help you improve your game.

What is the differences between tennis and padel tennis trainers?

Tennis shoes have long been the preferred footwear of padel players, but as the sport evolves and becomes more technical, manufacturers have begun to offer padel-specific variants.

Several tennis shoes can be used as padel shoes, but there are some essential distinctions to be made. The sole and mobility are the two most noticeable distinctions. On sandy padel courts, a clay tennis shoe with a herringbone pattern in the sole provides a good traction.

A tennis shoe with a “all-court” sole, on the other hand, does not give enough grip on the same court. If you play on a course that does not have visible sand, the “all-court” variety may be an option.

The movement pattern changes between padel tennis and tennis, which influences shoe selection. Padel requires more vertical movement and rotation. Tennis is played more horizontally along the baseline. As a result, padel shoes often have a somewhat stronger sole to promote rotation and a softer top for enhanced flexibility.


5 steps to selecting padel shoes

Aside from your personal preferences for brand, colour, and style, there are a few more considerations to make when purchasing padel tennis shoes. We’ve put up a list of five things to consider when looking for the best padel shoes for you.

1. Grip

The proper grip is essential for playing well and preventing injuries. You don’t have too much or too little grip when you have the ideal grip. A tight grip restricts movement and harms the knees and joints. When performing quick movements, having insufficient grip slows you down and raises your risk of injury. It is preferable to have too much grip if the ideal grip cannot be found. You must select the sole based on the surface in order to achieve the best grip. Apart from all types of artificial turf, padel courts can be roughly divided into two groups. 

4. Cushioning

Comfort and cushioning are related. Your feet will feel less fatigued and are less likely to sustain injuries if you wear a pair of padel shoes with the proper amount of padding. To provide the proper cushioning, manufacturers employ a variety of materials and technological approaches. If you want to switch out the sole, many models have replaceable soles.

Padel Tennis Hubs Best Padel shoes for 2022

As described above, there isn’t a perfect padel shoe for all types of players and occasions. The optimal padel shoes for you depend on the surface of the court, fit, and properties you prioritize.

We recommend some popular models below, but they may not suit your needs. Therefore, take our recommendations as a starting point to find the best padel shoes for you. We recommend that you try out different brands and models until you find the right one.

Padel Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

How much does quality, fair padel tennis shoes cost?

You can buy inexpensive paddle shoes that are sufficient for a few games for a few hundred dollars. On the other hand, if you plan to play frequently, you should spend money on a good pair of shoes. Expect to pay, on average at least 100 pounds. Online, you can find top models that are on sale, so keep an eye out for deals.

What brand is best of Padel trainers?

Padel shoes are made by a variety of brands, each of which has pros and cons. Certain brands are more well-known than others. Below, we list a few of them.


There is no need to further introduce the brand Adidas. Since 1949, they have been producing high-quality shoes for a range of sports. Adidas only recently began investing in the game of padel. Adidas currently doesn’t offer any padel-specific models. Both tennis and padel are adapted from their models.


With years of experience making shoes, Asics has a number of models specifically made for padel. They frequently incorporate gel cushioning into their models, and their shoe technology is constantly evolving. There are good reasons why it is a well-known brand on padel courts.


The official brand of the World Padel Tour, Babolat among other things, and a leader in the development of padel shoes, is Babolat. A sole made especially for the Mondo synthetic grass found on many padel courts has been created. A lot of their shoes are known for their agility and lightness.


Bullpadel is a pure padel brand, in contrast to many other brands on the list. They provide a wide selection of shoes specifically made for playing padel. Top WPT competitors Paquito Navarro and Maxi Sanchez can be seen wearing these shoes.


In 1966, two Swiss brothers established K-Swiss in the USA. Since then, they have become one of the top tennis shoe brands, with many of the sport’s top players sporting them. Their designs, like Adidas’, are primarily intended for tennis but are excellent for padel as well.


Nike is a company with a long history of producing high-quality footwear for a variety of sports. Although they also have a wide selection of tennis shoes, their running shoes may be their most well-known product. Their models are made to function for both padel and tennis.


Advice on purchasing padel shoes

When should i replace my Padel Tennis shoes?

Because it depends on how frequently you play and how you take care of the shoes, it is challenging to say how frequently you should change your padel shoes. Typically, the sole degrades first, especially if you play on sandier courses. As soon as the pattern on the sole has worn down to the point where the shoes are starting to lose their traction, you should replace them. The quality of the cushioning is another crucial factor that is more challenging to detect. Make sure it doesn’t get too bad; if it does, get a new pair of shoes.

Choose the right size

This should go without saying, but by selecting the appropriate size, you can prevent sore feet and cracked nails. Given the frequent stops and turns, a padel shoe shouldn’t be too snug. If you are unsure, feel free to purchase a half-size larger, but make sure the shoe does not come loose. Replace the standard inner sole with a thicker one if you think the shoe is a bit large. There are many high-quality inner soles available today.

Consider a pair of extra padel tennis shoes

It might be worthwhile to purchase two pairs of shoes, preferably of different models, if you play padel frequently. You give your feet a break by switching between two pairs of shoes with slightly different fits. It might be a good idea to purchase two pairs of shoes with different soles if you play on a variety of courses, some of which are sandy and others of which are devoid of any discernible sand. By doing this, you guarantee ideal grip on any surface.

Try different padel shoe insoles

Fit and comfort are greatly affected by the shoe’s insole. Most models allow you to change the inner sole because it is usually removable. There are numerous types of sports insoles available today, including gel and silicone. Some clinics create custom soles based on the shape of your feet for the best fit.

In summary, the best padel shoes for 2023

It’s crucial to have shoes made for padel because the sport involves quick movements and abrupt turns. It lowers the possibility of injury and enables you to perform at your peak on the court. The sole and mobility are the main differences between padel shoes and tennis shoes. Padel shoes have a special sole designed for artificial grass that is a little stiffer to make movement easier. You should think about grip, stability, comfort, cushioning, and durability when selecting padel shoes. There isn’t a perfect pair of padel shoes for every player or situation. To find the best padel shoes for you, you must experiment on your own.