What is Padel Tennis?

“What is a Padel Tennis?”

Often, friends or new acquaintances will ask me this question.

In Europe, the sport of Padel is expanding rapidly. It is amazing that there are more than 20 million players globally, and the majority of people in the UK are unlikely to be familiar with it.

And why is that?

The sport was invented in Mexico and is very popular in South America and Spain, although there are only 6,000 players in the UK.

Then again, what is Padel Tennis?

It is a sociable, entertaining racket sport for all ages and abilities. On an enclosed court roughly one-third of the size of a tennis court, padel is played. Although serving is done with both hands and walls are used as part of the game, the rules and balls are the same as in tennis. This sport is incredibly enjoyable, as I can attest to as a coach. No one has ever left there without liking it, as far as I can recall. If you have never participated in a racket sport, this is the one for you because, in my opinion, it is simple for all levels of players.

It is difficult to master this sport, though!

You will start off with an advantage if you have played tennis or squash before, but as you advance, you might find that you have bad habits that need to be changed.

Paddle or Padel?

The sport is frequently spelt incorrectly as paddle, however, Paddle is actually a whole different sport!

Padel is the correct spelling in Spanish. 

In an effort to avoid confusion, paddle tennis was rebranded as pop tennis in 2015. Obviously, this wasn’t successful. I highly recommend reading the article titled “Is it Padel Tennis or Paddle Tennis?“.

Padel Court

Padel is a combination of squash and tennis. On a court enclosed by glass and metal mash walls, it is typically played in doubles. A tennis court’s size is equivalent to one-third of this one.

While the ball can bounce off any wall, it can only make contact with the ground once before returning to the air. The second time the ball lands in a player’s field against another player, a point may be scored.

Padel Racket and Padel Ball

The sport is enjoyable and addictive to play because it is quick and easy to learn. The serve is delivered underarm while using a low-compression tennis ball and a small, stringless padel racket with an elastic surface and holes.

Shots are made either before or after the Padel ball bounces off the glass walls around it, giving the game an edge over traditional tennis.

Padel Apparel

Padel is an athletic game that calls for swift court movements from players. As a result, it’s essential that athletes wear apparel that will give them the flexibility of movement required by the sport.

Men frequently wear breathable, lightweight padel shirts because they help the players stay cool during sweltering matches. Keeping cool while playing is essential because padel is often played outside where participants are exposed to the sun’s heat. For the same reason, women choose singlets and tanks made of breathable clothing.

Where can Padel Tennis be Played?

It is expected that if you are reading this you are from the United Kingdom, which is why it can be difficult to find a place to play padel.

The LTA website is a great site to consider. It will provide additional information about Padel!

What exactly is padel tennis? A sociable activity!

Who Can Play Padel Tennis?

What is Padel tennis, they frequently ask me? Who is qualified to participate? It’s not true that it’s solely for physically fit and athletic people, as they typically believe.

Because it does not favour power and allows for players of all skill levels, pédal is appropriate for all ages. Players can immediately participate in exciting sets by making use of the court’s surroundings even with minimal racket skills.

Since the game is always played in pairs, it is very social and thus a great activity for the whole family. It is less physically exhausting than other sports, and some professional athletes are older than 40!

This is wonderful since it allows you to perform the sport for a very long time at a high level!

In contrast to tennis and squash, Padel is NOT a power sport, hence women can play against men far more aggressively than in those other sports.

I would advise young people to get involved in this sport since it can be very beneficial to them.

Padel Rules and Regulations 

It’s easy to learn and has a scoring system similar to tennis. Players can bounce and smash the ball, but it must first bounce on the ground before hitting any of the surrounding walls. The lines are used only during the serve; afterwards, the ball may drop anywhere on the court. On a serve, the ball cannot bounce and strike the cage or fence. When serving, the ball must bounce inside the box marked on the court and be underarm. A player may also leave the court and return to it in certain situations. You did indeed read that accurately.

Look up some videos of this on YouTube by typing “world padel tour”


Overall, I think Padel is the world’s fastest growing racket sport that everybody should try.

It is enjoyable and social, and I think it will be popular in the UK in 5–10 years. Hope it’s as large as it is in Spain.

We sincerely hope you enjoyed reading and now understand what Padel tennis is.

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