What is Padel Tennis?

People always ask what padel tennis is; they’ve all been curious about it. Padel is the fastest growing sport across Europe. There have been over 20 million padel players worldwide, and 99% of people from the UK aren’t familiar with this sport. What could be the reason behind it?

Even though the sport has its origins in Mexico and is extremely popular in countries like Spain and South America, the United Kingdom has a mere 6,000 participants.

Explaining Padel Tennis

A social racket sport for people of all ages and abilities. Padel is a sport that is played on an enclosed court that is roughly a third of the size of a tennis court. The rules are similar to normal tennis, and the game is played with similar balls; however, serving is done underhand, and the walls are employed.

As a coach, I can attest that this sport is a lot of fun. I don’t believe I’ve ever had someone leave without loving it.

This, I believe, is due to the sport’s accessibility to all sorts of players; if you’ve never tried a racket sport before, this is the one for you. This sport, however, is challenging to master!

If you’ve ever played tennis or squash, you’ll have an edge at first, but as you progress, you may discover that you have terrible habits that need to be corrected.

four happy winning padel tennis players celebrate after winning the match

Padel or Paddle?

It’s confusing whether to call this sport padel or paddle. Is it padel or paddle tennis? The paddle is a different sport.

Padel is the actual Spanish spelling. (pad) (el).

To minimize misunderstanding, paddle tennis was renamed pop tennis in 2015. This did not succeed.

Where Can I Play padel Tennis?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably from Great Britain, which is why many individuals struggle to find a place to play padel.

Locate a court near you by searching online or visiting the LTA website! If you ever visit Spain, you will have little difficulty locating one; they are everywhere!

The LTA website is an excellent resource. It will provide you with further facts on padel!

Paddle tennis court, net, racket, balls.

Who Can Play?

People often ask me what I do for a living “People often ask, “What is padel tennis?” People who can play:” As a rule, they think that it is only for people who are athletic and in good shape, but this isn’t the case.

As someone who plays padel, you can play at any level. It’s not a game where you have to be strong to win.

In tennis, even players who don’t know how to play with a racket can quickly start dynamic and fun rallies that use the court as a backdrop. The sport is always played in doubles, which makes it a great way to spend time with your family and make it even more fun. Because it isn’t as hard on your body as other sports, a lot of the professional players are over 40 years old!

I think this is great because you can play the sport well for a very long time. Padel is not as powerful as tennis or squash, which means that women can play against men a lot more competitively than in other sports.I think young people should play this game because it can help them a lot. Here is a link to a report on this.

Padel Rules

As in tennis, the scoring system is straightforward. Players can volley and smash the ball, but the ball must bounce before it strikes any surrounding walls.

Afterwards, the ball can fall anywhere it pleases on the court. The ball might bounce and strike the fence/cage on a serve. The serve is beneath the arm and must bounce within the indicated area on the court. Outside of the court, there are times when a player can make a run and return with the ball in their hands. Yes, that’s what I meant.

You may see several examples of this by searching “world padel tour” on YouTube.

Padel racket and padel ball

It’s a sport that’s a lot of fun to play because it’s quick and straightforward to pick up. The serve is performed underarm using a low compression tennis ball and a short, stringless tennis racquet with an elastic surface. A distinctive aspect of the sport is added when shots are taken before or after the ball has bounced off the glass walls.

Padel Court

Padel is a blend of tennis and squash. It’s mainly played in doubles on an enclosed court with glass and metallic mash walls. The court is around one-third the size of a tennis court.

The ball can bounce off any wall, but it can only contact the turf once before returning to the player. You can score points when the ball bounces twice in the competitors’ field.


In a Padel court, the back wall is 3 meters high, while the sidewall is 4 meters high. Glass or another sturdy material, such as concrete, can be used for the walls. To keep the remainder of the court secure, a 4-meter-high steel mesh fence surrounds it.

A net separates the court into two halves in the middle of the playing area. Both sides are 92 cm tall, with 88 cm in the centre. The service area is marked by a line three meters from the rear wall, which divides the fields in the centre.


Overall, I would recommend padel as the fastest growing sport to everyone.

It’s entertaining and friendly, and I anticipate that it’ll be huge in Great Britain in the next 5-10 years. Hopefully, it will be as large as it is in Spain.

I hope you enjoyed reading and now understand “what is padel tennis?” It would be best if you tried the racquet sport yourself, or watched a game live. It would be exciting!