Light vs heavy padel tennis racket, what is best?

Make sure you pay attention to your first gear set as a newcomer. Avoid making the same mistake with your first racquet purchase. When picking the weight of your racket, there are several things to keep in mind.

Weight is an important consideration when picking out a padel racket; the wrong choice can have disastrous effects on your game. Which padel racket, light or heavy, should you use? Depending on your situation, which is preferable for your game?

Here are the pros and cons of each option, so you can determine which is best for your racket sport game!

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Lightweight Racket

Will choosing a lighter racket give you an advantage in the padel court? Selecting the best padel racket is still essential whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player.


Padel racket weight has an impact on how easy it is to use. Beginner padel players will appreciate the increased manoeuvrability and faster swing speed provided by a lighter padel racket.

To get started, you’ll want something that’s straightforward to use, and that’ll be a breeze to get acquainted with on the court.

These benefits make a light racket ideal for beginning players.


If you choose something light, you will lack power. You will experience difficulty getting the bite and power you need on the ball if you opt for a lighter padel racket. If you want to take your game to the next level, the racket could make a world of difference.

When you’re trying to improve your game and are intermediate or advanced, it’s essential to try out something heavier.

Heavy Padel Racket

Every professional player would recommend every padel player to choose a heavier racquet. Learn more about why by reading its advantages and disadvantages.


As far as light vs heavy padel rackets go, heavy rackets win with power. Heavy padel rackets have only one main benefit: they provide a lot of power.

A heavy racket will allow you to pressure opponents and play an aggressive padel.

With multiple layers of materials and enhanced technologies, you can also get more ball control when you strike the ball with a heavier racket.


A heavy padel racket has the disadvantage of being hard on your tennis elbow. Strains of any kind on the arms/shoulders can be difficult to overcome. Therefore, if you feel a strain while hitting the ball with a heavy racket, you will need to switch to a lighter racket.

Padel rackets that are too heavy can also be too difficult for beginners or younger players! This will slow down their swing and make them feel uncomfortable on the court.

A heavier racket may only benefit advanced players. Make sure to choose the best for you if you are new to this racket sport.

Free Weight Guide

This guide will assist you in choosing the right padel racket. This chart compares the weights of light and heavy padel rackets.

  • Light: 330-350 grams
  • Average: 350-370 grams
  • Heavy: 370-390 grams

When you browse online, you can see what makes light or heavy padel rackets. A racket protector and many overgrips can also add weight to your racket. These items should add five to ten grams. Take that into consideration!


Which padel racket is best, light or heavy? A beginner or early intermediate player should use more lightweight rackets.

Rackets made of heavier materials are better suited to more experienced players who require greater power. Tennis elbow/epicondylitis sufferers, in particular, should use a lighter bat.

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