How To Choose The Best Padel Racket For A Beginner

Step-by-step instructions for selecting the best padel racquet for beginners. There are countless padel rackets available online, each claiming to be the best in power, control, spin, shape (diamond, round, teardrop, rough surface), material (carbon, fibreglass, 12K carbon, etc.), and so on.

Most folks have no idea how to begin. This is step-by-step advice for new players on picking a padel racket.

Beginner players should not get something too advanced.

It’s important to remember that rookie players need a padel racket that isn’t too advanced. It’s a myth that upgrading to a more advanced item can speed up your progress.

A padel racket that is too harsh, hefty, or high-end may impede your progress rather than aid it.

Having clarified this, we can move on to the next phase!

Get a light padel tennis racket.

What should a beginner player look for when shopping for a racket? Opt for anything that won’t weigh you down. Intermediate to advanced players can benefit from lighter rackets.

Using a padel racket for the first time can be a challenge if you aren’t used to the new sensations and feelings that come with it. This is why you should have a lighter racket first.

Once you’ve gained some strength and become familiar with the padel techniques, you’ll be able to buy a heavier racket.

Opt for something soft

What should new padel players look for when shopping for a racket? Get something pliable. A softer racket is far more user-friendly than a harder one.

A softer racket:

  • It’s a lot cosier this way.
  • Comfortable to wear on the arm
  • This does not cause tennis elbow.

New players need to learn how to use a racket as well as how to practice their technique. Tennis elbow’s most common cause?

With poor technique and a hefty hard-padel racket, you will likely suffer elbow pain.

four happy winning padel tennis players celebrate after winning the match

Round Shape

What should new padel players look for when shopping for a racket? A round padel racket would be best for you!

If you are wondering, here’s why:

In the middle of the racket, the sweet spot is where you want to smash the ball for maximum power.

If you find a good place in the middle, you’ll have even more power. This is a must-have for newcomers. Beginners tend to hit the ball a lot harder than they should when they first start.

Round padel rackets with a high degree of control will assist novice players in mastering new padel skills and becoming acclimated to hitting the ball. Most players know that a round-shaped racket is easier to operate than a diamond racket or teardrop racket.

Get Even Balance

What should new padel players look for when shopping for a racket? Make sure you’re in a state of equilibrium. What is the difference between balanced and unbalanced? As a result, the racket’s weight is uniformly spread throughout. This means that the racket’s weight is evenly distributed, not unevenly distributed.

Hold a hammer

Consider holding a hammer at the bottom of the handle; you will increase its power by swinging the hammer.

If you held the hammer at the head, you would obtain less power but more precision at the top of the handle.

The same holds for padel rackets; a heavy head racket will provide greater power, while a balanced racket will provide better control.

Remember that rookie players desire MORE CONTROL, which is why even balance is critical.

Price Range

How much should a beginner racket cost? So you go online and locate rackets for roughly £30, which is relatively reasonable. Whether you’re an intermediate player or an experienced player, Keep in mind that these rackets are affordable for a reason; they will break—the number of people who purchase these rackets and then have them break. At the very least, you must spend £50 on a reputable brand such as Nox, Bullpadel, Adidas, Wilson, or Royal Padel.

These rackets are significantly higher in quality and have all the necessary components for a beginner player without breaking apart.

If you are a very casual player, I recommend something about £50; if you are a new player who is becoming in love with the sport, I recommend something between £60 and £80. While, if you are an intermediate player, who is already addicted and performing well, invest £100 or more.


Let’s look at some basic guidelines for picking a padel racquet for a beginner. This is an important consideration:

  • Weight
  • Price
  • Balance
  • Soft/Hard feel
  • Round Shape

Buying a beginner padel tennis racket should include checking these boxes! It will have a massive impact on your gameplay.